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Fat Phobia

Fat Phobia What is fat phobia? Is it a real thing? Why does it matter? What can we do about it? Where the flippin’ ‘eck do I start… ? Let’s start with the word ‘phobia’. What is a phobia? According…

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Adele’s Weight Loss

I am not a media junkie. I don’t watch Netflix or read magazines. I prefer documentaries to movies and I have no interest in keeping up with celeb stories. I couldn’t care less who’s dating who or who’s cheating on…

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Exercise. Seriously?

Whilst driving into town this morning, I passed a guy on his bike, let’s call him Dave, and I gave a little whoop of joy. In fact, had it not been a 100kmh highway, I would have pulled over, got…

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Thin Privilege

Let’s have a chat about thin privilege shall we? Because thin privilege isn’t just some made-up term that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s real and it’s prevalent and it’s probably contributing to your anxiety and stress and the negative self-talk…

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