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Kia Ora, I’m Dawn. Thank you for visiting my website. I’m excited you’re here because it means you’re considering change and that’s brave and significant. When I was in the grip of my food issues and obsessive exercising I didn’t look for help because I was in total denial of having any problem at all. So, the fact that you’re here and looking outside of yourself for help means you’re already looking towards recovery.

My destructive journey with food and exercise is unique to me, as yours is to you, but at some point we all encounter our ‘perfect storm’, that time in our lives when everything comes together to kick things off.

I was a performer, a dancer and singer driven to ridiculous standards of perfectionism in a super competitive environment. I had a history of childhood trauma that had instilled in me a need for approval and I was always afraid of failing or not being good enough. In order to earn praise and attention and to stay above criticism, I was relentlessly determined to be the best at everything I did in every avenue of my life, not just my work. Of course, that included being thin and attractive.

After 25 years of pushing my body to extreme limits, putting everyone’s needs before my own, barely eating and neglecting to care for myself, my body literally crashed. It was as if I had chosen to deliberately drive my car into a tree at 100kmh without a seatbelt. But, I survived. And during the 2 years it took me to regain my strength and stabilise my health, I also rekindled my relationship with my soul.

My soul helped me understand that I had fallen into the illusion that my worth was tied to how much I could give and how little I could take. I realised that I had been using my body as currency. I had come to believe that my appearance was my greatest asset and the only thing I could guarantee would earn me attention. I couldn’t let up pushing my body to extreme lengths because if I did I would lose acceptance, respect and my ‘specialness’.

As I healed my relationship with my soul, or ‘authentic me’, that deeply loving, compassionate and kind me healed my food and body issues. Once I began to truly understand that I was more than my body, I couldn’t continue abusing myself in the way I always had. For the first time, I felt how cruel I had been to myself and I committed to exchange cruelty for kindness, perfectionism for acceptance, and strict rules for going with the flow. It was then, when I let go of my need for control, that all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell into place.

I’ve been totally recovered for 10 years now. Yay for me! And now I help others explore doing the same. Schedule your free introductory call with me today. If we’re a good fit for working together, that call just might change your life!

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